Ergonomics Program

Regular stretching and moving throughout the day combined with a safe and comfortable workstation are essential in maintaining good health and preventing potential problems caused by the demands of today's jobs.

Improve Your Ergonomic Approach

Move and Stretch Regularly

Regular stretching can minimize muscle tension, prevent damage, ease pain, and boost your energy. Simple stretches can loosen up the muscles around your back, neck, and shoulders. Incorporate hand, arm, and wrist stretches to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Here are simple stretches you can do at your desk that will help you tackle the rest of your day:

Get Informed

Request an Ergonomic Assessment

Workstation assessments can be arranged by completing the online form. Employees need approval from their supervisor to cover the cost of the assessment.

Learn more about the types and cost of ergonomic assessments below and see frequently asked questions.

Ergonomic Assessments at UCalgary

Tier One – Group Assessment

Recommended for: groups of up to four employees without physical impairments, injuries, or medical conditions — for example, new employees or employees changing workstations.

Services include: workstation assessments followed by adjustments, suggestions, and education as needed. A checklist report is completed onsite and provided to the participant. Participants and the approver are given a checklist of recommended equipment and basic ergonomic principles. The cost of a group assessment is the same if you book for one or four employees.

Cost: $150.00/hour

Tier Two – Scanning Assessment

Recommended for: groups of up to two employees who are beginning to develop strains or sprains that could be helped by the assessment and adjustment of their current workstations — for example, employees with recently diagnosed tennis elbow or acute neck and back strains, or who are developing numbness in hands or wrists. 

Services include: workstation assessments followed by adjustments, suggestions, and education as needed. Separate informal reports including a recommendation checklist are provided to the participants and the approver. The cost of a scanning assessment is the same if you book for one or two employees.

Cost: $150.00/hour

Tier Three – Comprehensive Assessment

Recommended for: individual employees with mobility concerns or a medically diagnosed condition that could impact their ability to work. For example, employees with repetitive strain injuries, chronic disabilities or conditions, new debilitating long-term or permanent impairments, or any other type of issue that requires a thorough follow up or specialized equipment. A completed restrictions and limitations form is required for a tier three assessment.

Services include: a detailed assessment, written and photo documentation relating to the outlined issues, concerns and ergonomic risks, and product recommendations. The onsite portion of this assessment takes approximately one hour. The detailed report is completed offsite.

Cost: Contact Staff Wellness to discuss.

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Book Your Ergonomic Assessment

Tier one and two assessments can be booked using the online booking form. Tier three assessments must be initiated through Staff Wellness. Email requests and medical documentation to or call 403.220.2918. 

There is no charge for cancellations made two full business days before a booking. A 50% charge is applied for cancellations made more than one full business days before a booking. The full cost will be charged for cancellations made less than one business day before the booking.

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