Mental Health

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Homewood Health

Homewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) is a confidential service available to employees and their dependents, at no cost, to help manage work and personal life.

Amanda Habiak, Mental Health consultant

Mental Health Consultant

The Mental Health Consultant is an expert on early intervention strategies, post critical incident situations, and sick leave/disability cases as they pertain to psychological health.


National Standard

The university is committed to ensuring psychological health and safety. The National Standard is a set of guidelines for organizations to support a psychologically healthy workplace.


There are various internal and external training and workshops available for employees and managers.

Building Personal Resilience

This workshop examines emotional, social, and physical wellness to help you learn strategies to increase your personal resilience so you are more prepared to navigate everyday activities and to deal with challenges, setbacks, and change in your work and personal life.

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Mindfulness, the cultivation of focused awareness, changes the structure and function of the brain throughout the life span. A regular mindfulness practice can open new doors to healing, growth, creativity, and happiness at the individual, family, workplace, and community level.

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The Working Mind

Geared towards a general workplace audience – aims to increase mental health awareness, reduce the stigma of mental illness, and offer resources to maintain positive mental health and increase resiliency. This workshop is a full-day manager session, or a half-day employee session. 

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Campus Mental Health Strategy

Mental Health Strategy

In December 2015, the University of Calgary launched the Campus Mental Health Strategy, a bold commitment to the mental health and well-being of our university family.


Sexual Violence Support

There are a number of supports, both on and off campus, that are available if you or someone you know has had someone perpetrate sexual violence against them