About Risk

The Risk portfolio is committed to creating a safe and healthy learning and living environment for students, faculty and staff. Our portfolio is comprised of six separate teams: Campus Security, Emergency Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Environment, Health and SafetyRisk Management and Insurance, and Staff Wellness

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Make your mental health a priority and register for workshops designed for you and your role as a UCalgary employee...

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Five vaccine myths we are debunking this flu season

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A look back at Safety and Wellness Week 2019

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Check out five ways to stay safe and well at UCalgary

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Risk Events

Stay Safe and Well on Campus

Download UC Emergency Mobile

The app delivers alerts and updates about serious incidents that could affect you.

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We are committed to helping students, staff, and campus visitors safely reach their destination on campus 24/7.

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Run, Hide, Fight

In the unlikely event of an active assailant, escape if you can, hide if you can't, and fight only if you have to.

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