COVID-19 & UCalgary Travel


Updated – January 11, 2023

International travel for University of Calgary business purposes, including research, is permitted to go ahead, subject to the completion (prior to departure) of the requirements indicated on the Travel Requirements page. 

These requirements indicate specific authorizations and actions that are dependent upon the category of the traveller as well as the level of risk of each country/area.

COVID-19 Costs

Undergraduate & Graduate Student Travel: The University will not provide funding for costs related to undergraduate student travel including, but not limited to, COVID-19 testing or quarantine requirements, accommodation (including extension or cancellation fees), travel costs (including any escalation or costs to return to Canada), loss of non-refundable fees, health care or emergency expenses, etc. unless they are accessing external research funds which allow for such expenditures.

Academic Staff Members, Employees and Post-Doctoral Fellow Travel: 

Confirm that:

  • you have health coverage that will extend to cover any COVID-19 related illnesses while traveling.
  • you have either purchased travel insurance that would cover quarantine and trip interruption costs or that your department/unit head is aware of the travel and has adequate funds to manage those costs should they arise.
  • you have consulted with your department head/unit head prior to travel to ensure that you can make alternate arrangements for work if you are quarantined.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


Updated - November 25, 2022

There are no domestic travel restrictions currently in effect. 

Our focus has always been on ensuring the safety and security of our campus community. Travel may bring a higher risk for both those travelling as well as the communities to which they visit.  Airlines may cease flights to any destination with very little notice and public health and quarantine restrictions may change rapidly. Access to health care may be limited.

Travelers are required to ensure that they remain aware of, and comply with, public health measures in effect at their destination and during their travel. Please note that these measures may vary between provinces and territories and they may also have specific areas with heightened restrictions.

Following are a list of links to organizations that the University of Calgary monitors with respect to health outbreaks and the appropriate precautions to be taken. It also monitors the World Health Organization response as well as reviewing information from the Government of Canada travel advisories and International SOS. For current information, please monitor their sites directly on an ongoing basis as the situation is evolving rapidly.

Alberta Health Services - Current situation in Alberta

Alberta Health Services - COVID-19 FAQs

Public Health Agency of Canada

Government of Canada Travel Advisories

Information regarding Alberta Blue Cross (ABC) coverage for travel outside of Alberta, for academic staff, support staff and MaPS who are enrolled in the University's ABC plan, is available on the UCalgary Group Benefits website at  Please go down to the appropriate section on that page and click on "COVID-19 and Travel Outside of Alberta."

All plan members are strongly encouraged to consider all risks of travel and to contact the Alberta Blue Cross travel line directly at 403.225.4289 or toll free 1.888.772.2583 in advance of travel to review the coverage and limitations/exclusions based on your circumstance.

Updated - Sept 11, 2020

Incoming international students are required to comply with Government of Canada immigration regulations and Alberta Health Services requirements.  Please ensure you review the travel restrictions and exemptions for International Students before travel to Canada.

Updated:  January 11, 2023

The Government of Canada website provides updated information on Travel Restrictions and Exemptions.  Please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed this information prior to returning to Canada. 

Updated:  January 11, 2023


UCalgary decisions regarding university business-related travel do not apply to personal travel/vacations/family visits.

However, UCalgary is advising anyone who has traveled outside of Canada to follow all public measures in effect.   Also, if someone in your home is unwell, follow advice from Alberta Health Services.  

Updated - November 25, 2022