COVID 19 - Working From Home - Ergonomic Resources:

COVID 19 - Working From Home - Ergonomic Further Assistance

  1. If your workstation set-up concerns have not been addressed with the information provided above or if you are having recent discomfort since working from home please email your Office Ergonomics Self Adjustment Tool report to the Ergonomic Program Advisor: for assistance. Include information regarding your remote workstation concerns.
  2. If you were having difficulties prior to working from home please use the Ergonomic Program Assistance Guide.  Note: many Health Care Providers are not able to see patients at this time. If the Program Assistance Guide directs you to see your Health Care Provider for completion of the Ergonomic Referral Form, you may skip this step and follow the prompts:
    • Book an assessment with EWI the External Assessment Provider; or
    • Contact the Ergonomic Program Advisor: for guidance.
  3. If you had a previous ergonomic assessment and are having difficulties please contact the Ergonomic Program Advisor: for guidance.

The Ergonomic Program Advisor is only accepting email contact at this time.

Proactive Ergonomic Program

Regular movement throughout the day combined with a safe and comfortable workstation are essential in maintaining good health and preventing potential problems related to job demands.


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